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How to Read Your Ivy Solar Bill

We understand that navigating your Ivy Solar Bill can be a new experience, so we're here to guide you. This help article is designed to provide you with a clear understanding of each section of your Ivy Solar Bill. 


Whether you're curious about the financial breakdown, eager to maximize your solar savings, or interested in understanding your energy consumption patterns, this article is your go-to resource.


Please note: Every month you will receive an Ivy Solar Bill in your inbox for your electricity usage. You will pay the same way you pay for your rent - all in one place for an easy bill payment experience! You will never need to pay Ivy Energy directly. 


The following breaks down the Ivy Solar Bill into its 4 pages - each with its own dedicated theme to help keep things organized.


Let's get started!

Page 1: Overview

Page 1 gives a snapshot of the most crucial information you need to know about your bill. From your total amount due to your solar savings, let's review each element.

Amount Due

The total amount due indicates the amount you need to pay for this billing period. It encompasses two main components: My Solar Charge and My Utility Charge.


My Solar Charge: this portion reflects the cost for the solar-generated electricity you consumed during the billing period.


My Utility Charge: while solar covers a part of your electricity consumption, this portion accounts for any utility-powered electricity consumed in excess of the solar generation.


To ensure a seamless payment process, please refer to the payment instructions indicated on your bill below the total amount. 

My Solar Savings

This section highlights how much you're saving by participating in the solar program..


"This period" reflects the amount you've saved during the current billing period, while "Lifetime" showcases the total savings accumulated over the entire duration of your solar participation.

My Bill History

This section provides insight into your expenses by comparing your previous period's bill amount, your current period's bill amount, and your community’s average bill amount during this period. 


By examining this chart, you can benchmark your bill and gauge whether your current bill aligns with typical consumption patterns in your community.

My Impact

This section translates your solar energy usage into meaningful metrics that reflect your positive environmental impact on the planet. It's a testament to the dual benefits of saving money and contributing to a sustainable future by using solar-powered electricity!


To calculate these metrics, we take your solar kWh (kilowatt hours) and calculate the greenhouse gas equivalence using the EPA’s official tool: https://www.epa.gov/energy/greenhouse-gas-equivalencies-calculator

My Usage

This section displays your total electricity consumption for the billing period, distinguishing between solar-generated and utility-powered usage.


Solar: The percentage of your total electricity consumed that was generated by your community’s solar system.


Utility: The percentage of your total electricity consumption that was generated by your traditional utility-powered source.

Page 2: Transparency 

At Ivy, we believe in providing full transparency to our residents, which is why on page 2, we provide a clear, detailed view of the entire process of how we calculate your bill. 


Let's delve into the details that make up your Ivy Solar Bill!

What I Would’ve Paid Without Solar

While your actual Ivy Solar Bill includes solar-powered electricity, this section helps you understand what your bill would have been if your electricity consumption was 100% utility-powered.


For a detailed demonstration of how this amount is calculated, you can refer to Page 4 of your Ivy Solar Bil where we break down the line-by-line calculation using your assigned electric utility rate. 

My Utility Charge

This is a crucial component of your Ivy Solar Bill, representing the cost of that portion of your electricity consumption from the utility. Ivy Energy does not calculate this amount, but passes through this utility charge to you..


Because the Ivy Solar Bill period and your utility company’s bill period are not the same, each month you will pay a deposit toward the utility charge. This charge is calculated based on an estimate from your historical consumption pattern.


In the following month, Ivy receives the actual utility charges for your account. Any overcharge from the previous estimate is credited back to you and any undercharge is charged to you, ensuring a fair and accurate representation of your utility costs.

My Solar Savings

While you still have to pay for solar-powered electricity, here’s the important part! Ivy monitors the community’s total cost savings from solar. Each month, your portion of the Community Savings, based on your individual electric consumption and utilization of live solar, is deducted from your solar cost.


Total Solar Value: The total value of the solar-powered electricity generated by your community.


Community Savings: The portion of the Total Solar Value that is passed onto your community to be distributed as savings for each resident in Ivy’s program.


Total Community Solar: The community’s total electricity consumption that was generated by the community’s solar system during this period.


My Solar Usage: Your total electricity consumption that was generated by your community’s solar system during this period. 

My Solar Charge

This section represents the final breakdown of your solar cost taking into consideration all the elements discussed above.


By subtracting My Utility Charge and My Solar Savings from What I Would’ve Paid Without Solar, we arrive at the final amount you owe for your personal solar-powered electricity consumption. 

Page 3: Insights

Here, we delve into your energy usage patterns, offering valuable information to optimize both your solar and overall electricity consumption.


Let's explore the data that empowers you to make informed decisions about your energy habits!

My Average Hourly Usage

This chart helps you visualize your average hourly usage. By examining the chart, you can identify peak usage hours and understand when you predominantly rely on solar-powered electricity versus utility-generated electricity.


Understanding your average hourly usage empowers you to optimize your energy habits by shifting peak consumption to solar hours, ultimately maximizing your solar savings.

Average Daily Usage

This breakdown allows you to understand the distribution of your electricity consumption between solar-powered and utility-generated electricity on an average day.


The inclusion of community averages helps you benchmark your daily usage, providing context on how your consumption compares to that of your neighbors.

Energy Usage and Cost by Time of Use

These graphs categorize your electricity consumption into different time-of-use rate categories, allowing you to see how much of your total consumption falls under each rate tier and where the majority of your electricity expenses are allocated.


With this information, you can strategically plan your energy usage during specific rate categories, optimizing your consumption to minimize costs.

Page 4: Detailed Breakdown

This is where you can find a detailed breakdown of how we calculate what your bill would have been if your electricity consumption was 100% utility-powered. 


This calculation is performed using your utility meter consumption data and your assigned utility rate and we present this breakdown line by line to ensure you have full transparency and awareness. 


Hopefully now you have a better understanding of howyour Ivy Solar Bill works! If you have any questions or need assistance, please feel free to send us a quick message and we'll be happy to help you. 

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